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Welcome to Labrador, where we believe in transforming intimate experiences through thoughtfully designed products. Our mission is simple yet profound: to enhance pleasure, deepen connections, promote wellness, and, of course, infuse an element of pure fun.

At Labrador, we go beyond the ordinary to create products that transcend expectations, fostering an atmosphere where pleasure and well-being coalesce. We're not just about the physical; we're about fostering a holistic sense of joy, connection, and self-discovery.


Labrador has transformed our intimate moments. Their products are thoughtfully designed, enhancing pleasure and connection. We're customers for life.

Amrita Sha

Our Client.

As a couple, Labrador's products have brought a new level of joy and closeness to our relationship. We're grateful for the quality and innovation they bring to intimate wellness.

Andi Lane


Labrador goes beyond expectations. Their commitment to normalizing conversations about sex is commendable. Exceptional products, exceptional brand.

Ted Ellison


We've tried various intimate wellness brands, but Labrador stands out. Their products are not only enjoyable but also contribute to our overall well-being. Highly recommend.

Aliah Pitts



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You have the fun. Let us do the worrying. Premium quality products to help you explore new sensations and feel good.

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