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Pleasure Vibrating Shiver Cock Ring: Double Hold, Double Power
₹899 ₹592
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Indulge in heightened pleasure with Labrador India's Vibrating Shiver Cock Ring. Meticulously crafted from superior silicone, it guarantees a snug fit for prolonged endurance. The innovative double hold design provides extra stability, while powerful vibrations deliver intense clitoral stimulation for her. Embark on a journey of exploration and discover exciting new positions together.

Key Feature:

Superior Silicone Craftsmanship: Expertly crafted from high-quality silicone, the Vibrating Shiver Cock Ring by Labrador India ensures a luxurious feel and a secure fit.

Extended Endurance: Experience prolonged pleasure as the double hold design keeps him harder and longer, offering heightened satisfaction during intimate moments.

Innovative Stability: The uniquely designed double hold feature provides extra stability, ensuring the cock ring stays in place, enhancing comfort and performance.

Powerful Vibrations: Enjoy intense clitoral stimulation with powerful vibrations, designed to elevate pleasure for both partners and open the door to new levels of intimacy.

Versatile Exploration: Embark on an exciting journey of exploration as the Pleasure Vibrating Shiver Cock Ring allows couples to discover and enjoy a variety of thrilling new positions together.

Silky-Soft Sensation: Labrador India's Vibrating Shiver Cock Ring boasts a silky-smooth texture, adding a touch of luxury to every intimate encounter.

User-Friendly Controls: The easy-to-use controls ensure effortless operation, allowing you to customize the vibrations according to your desires, enhancing the overall experience.

Whisper-Quiet Motor: Despite its powerful performance, the cock ring features a whisper-quiet motor, ensuring discretion and privacy during your intimate moments.

USB Rechargeable: Enjoy uninterrupted pleasure with the convenience of USB rechargeability, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements.

Body-Safe and Easy to Clean: The body-safe silicone material is non-toxic and easy to clean, promoting a hygienic and worry-free experience. Simply wash with mild soap and water after each use.

Elevate your intimate moments with Labrador India's Pleasure Vibrating Shiver Cock Ring a blend of sophistication, innovation, and pleasure designed to enhance your connection with your partner.

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